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BIM-MEP Aus Logo Building information modelling (BIM) is becoming increasingly popular in the Australian building and construction sector. A selection of Zetco's valves is now available as high quality Revit CAD models to enable designers to easily and efficiently specify Zetco Valves for a wide range of building applications.

Click here to view the range of products currently available as Revit files on the BIM-MEPAUS website.

New Approved Stainless Steel

New Approved Zetco Stainless Steel Ball Valves Zetco is proud to announce the arrival of our new WaterMarked and AGA approved ball valves in 316 stainless steel.

Both ranges are available in sizes 6mm to 100mm and feature lockable handles.

For more information on the new stainless steel valves:
4400 WaterMarked Ball Valve.
4410 AGA Approved Ball Valve.

New Products at Zetco

Zetco Bronze Ball Valve

Zetco now offers a bronze ball valve in sizes 6mm to 100mm.

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Press-fit for Water

Zetco's new press-fit range features WaterMarked ball valves for a wide range of applications.

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Press-fit for Gas

Zetco's new press-fit range includes DVGW VP 614 tested ball valves for gas installations.

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Press-fit Nut & Tail

Zetco's nut & tail range has now been expanded to include press-fit ball valves and new continuous flow hot water kits.

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