About Zetco

Zetco is a national valve distributor, specialising in the importation and distribution of high quality ball, gate, globe and check valves. Zetco has built a reputation as a supplier of choice with excellent standards of service and an extensive range.

From its limited beginnings, as a supplier of ball valves for gas meters for the former Gas & Fuel Corporation of Victoria, Zetco has built a significant customer base nationally over the last thirty years. With its core business in plumbing, Zetco has also built a market presence in the HVAC and civil markets.

With its purchasing operations based in Italy, Zetco has amassed a supply chain that is unrivalled in Australia. Its alliances number over twenty manufacturers from the Italian valve industry. In 2018, Zetco is the only valve distributor still sourcing 100% of its brass and bronze product from Italy.

What distinguishes Zetco from its competitors is its continued commitment to product innovation. Whether it be for ease of installation, or performance in critical situations, Zetco has built a product range that not only offers the standard items, but also a showcase of specialised products which make life easier for contractors and manufacturers alike.

Zetco is the owner of Australian Patent 2006200845, for nut & tail ball valves for continuous flow water heaters.

New Products at Zetco

Zetco Bronze Ball Valve

Zetco now offers a bronze ball valve in sizes 6mm to 100mm.

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Press-fit for Water

Zetco's new press-fit range features WaterMarked ball valves for a wide range of applications.

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Press-fit for Gas

Zetco's new press-fit range includes DVGW VP 614 tested ball valves for gas installations.

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Press-fit Nut & Tail

Zetco's nut & tail range has now been expanded to include press-fit ball valves and new continuous flow hot water kits.

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